The US Department of Agriculture has kept the forecast of the wheat crop in Russia !!!

Corn and barley harvest estimates downgraded

The US Department of Agriculture has kept the forecast of the wheat crop in Russia !!!

Corn and barley harvest estimates downgraded.

In the September review, the USDA left the forecast for the gross wheat harvest in Russia unchanged – 72.5 million tons excluding Crimea. Including the harvest of winter wheat can reach 50.5 million tons, spring wheat – 22 million tons. winter crops turned out to be less than previously estimated and amounted to about 15.6 million hectares.

The forecast for wheat exports from Russia in the 2021/22 season also remained unchanged – 35 million tons. The same can be the volume of supplies from the EU countries, American analysts estimate. The United States can supply 24.5 million tons of agricultural crops to foreign markets, Australia – 24 million tons. Thus, at the end of the season, Russia, according to the forecast, will share the world leadership in wheat exports with the EU.

At the same time, the US Department of Agriculture lowered the forecast for the production of feed grain in Russia by 2 million tons to 39.9 million tons, including the harvest of corn may amount to 15.5 million tons, barley – 18 million tons. In the previous review, analysts estimated the potential of their harvest at 16.5 million tons and 19 million tons, respectively. Forecasts for oats and rye remained unchanged at 4.1 million tonnes and 2 million tonnes.

The potential for the export of feed grains from Russia has also been revised downward – from 10.15 million tons to 9.95 million tons, the estimate of barley supplies remained unchanged – 5 million tons. Also this season Russia can export 100 thousand tons of oats and 35 thousand tons of rye. In August the estimates were the same.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia the forecast for this year’s harvest remains unchanged – 127.4 million tons, including 81 million tons of wheat. According to the ministry, as of September 10, cereals and legumes were threshed from 36.5 million hectares, 97.2 million tons of grain were harvested. Including wheat harvested from 24.1 million hectares, the yield is 70 million tons; barley was threshed from 7.2 million hectares, 17.3 million tons were harvested; corn for grain was threshed from 148 thousand hectares, 661.6 thousand tons were obtained.


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