Volga Baikal AGRO LLC. Conquers the Russian Agriculture !!!

Volga Baikal AGRO LLC. Conquers the Russian Agriculture !!!

Leu AGRO Group is a Switzerland-Based Company specializing in the development and management of farms in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Activities in Russia and Kazakhstan are carried out since December 2018 by Volga Baikal AGRO LLC., our subsidiary company registered in Russia.

Volga Baikal AGRO’s core competency lies in the development and operational design, with its capability of vertical integration as core formula for success. Our venture projects are in different geographical locations of the Russian Federation,” – tells Martin Leu, founder and CEO of Leu-AGRO Group Switzerland.

The aim of Volga Baikal AGRO LLC. (the company) is to provide quality agricultural know-how and technical expertise to agriculture businesses and consumers in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Under its own production and brands the organization wants to provide customers with top quality agriculture products. Additionally, the organization plans to produce top-quality value-added products for customers in the Russian domestic and international markets, challenging the competition that exists in the region.

The company aims to deliver high quality products using conventional and unconventional strategies and streamlined planning. Agricultural products have become extremely generic and their consumption shall never end or decline.

Marin Leu’s personal knowledge of the land quality on the ground in the Russian Federation for the purpose of agriculture grain production is an important factor in choosing the Russian Federation as the host country.

“I am very happy and enthusiastic of Russia’s ability to transform its underdeveloped agricultural regions into prosperous and productive landscapes,– explains Martin Leu.

“We are quite ambitious and focused! We are growing and want to become one of the top agricultural producer and manufacturing companies in Russian Agriculture!” – continues Martin.

The main approaches of Volga Baikal AGRO in the introduction in the agriculture are as follows: Develop effective no-till farming systems, successful grain and feed production, well-planned irrigation and manure management, infrastructure and grain storage development, high-tech and telematic support strategies in our grain and beef farming operation.

If you got interested in our operating experience, we are ready to support and answer your questions.

We are not consultants. We are a team of highly qualified professionals who will assist and work alongside a customer to achieve long term targets and goals!” – highlights Mr. Leu.

“We are mobile! Please, let us know your needs: I think it’s time to meet!” –  Martin Leu, Owner of Leu-AGRO Group Switzerland.

More about People, Strategies, and Results of Volga Baikal AGRO LLC., – in the next “News-Update” release.

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