Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Digital Opportunities for Agro-Industrial Complex in Russia !!!

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Digital Opportunities for Agro-Industrial Complex in Russia !!!

The goal of developing and implementing digital services in the agro-industrial complex is to radically improve the efficiency of agricultural enterprises.

Human labor should be more skilled: you are not a combine driver anymore, but you are a combine operator. And that makes sense!

More than 500 billion rubles of additional profit in the next five years, according to the calculations of the Russian Agricultural Bank, should bring the use of digital technologies to agricultural companies — the topic of digitalization has reached the most conservative sectors of the economy, such as agriculture. The engine of this process in the industry is developers of various platforms and services and the Russian Government, which has put the digitalization of all the industries on a pedestal of economic growth.

However, the digitalization of agriculture still has a long road ahead — only five percent of domestic players in the industry use modern digital technologies. These are mainly large agricultural holdings. Digitalization, which includes a whole range of features-from banal production automation to the use of artificial intelligence-does not scale for various reasons. Some say that at this stage it is not necessary because of the uncertain economic situation in the country, others do not see it as appropriate because of the high cost of implementing electronic technologies, some have such managerial experience that they do not trust all digital tools. However, if major market players who are actively implementing new technologies show a significant increase in efficiency, others will have no choice: the conditions for survival in the market will become significantly tougher.

Today, all large modern enterprises already have a high degree of process automation. But everyone is sorely lacking services that would allow them to improve production efficiency and solve logistics problems. In addition, the information plan shows a huge disunity of the industry: there is practically no database that would give a complete picture of the industry, starting with a reliable weather forecast and land division and ending with the search for buyers abroad. The Ministry of agriculture recently started to work on this task, where they started to form a national digital platform in agriculture. The new project is designed to optimize the production processes of agricultural producers, closing all the previous stages of automation and Informatization of the agro-industrial complex.

If at this stage the domestic market of digital technologies in the agricultural sector is estimated at 360 billion rubles, by 2026, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture, it should grow five times!
It is assumed that by using digital services on one site, producers will be able to significantly increase productivity, improve product quality characteristics and reduce production costs. Thanks to innovative technologies in processing and logistics, it will be possible to save on fuel, packaging, storage and transportation of products.

Constellation of services

The foundation of a new megaplatform in the agro-industrial complex will be digital data, which, according to the Ministry’s plan, will be provided by companies collecting these data via informational systems. “Today, the first stage of the implementation of the project of digitalization of the agro-industrial complex is underway. First of all, this is a creation of a personal account for the agricultural producer, where state support measures will be digitized. In parallel, a single window is being formed — a system that provides with answers for questions about what is happening in the industry, where and what data are received by the Ministry of Agriculture. The second direction is the formation of a unified system on agricultural land, collection and verification of the industry data,” – says Sergey Kosogor, head of the project on digitalization of the agro — industrial complex At the HSE Center for the technology transfer.

According to him, the state program will also pay great attention to improve the traceability of agricultural products, improving the quality of control and monitoring activities and excluding intermediaries from supply chains, as a result of which agricultural producers will be able to interact with customers directly and earn more.

Equipment on the remote site

However, today agriculture does not lack digital services. For example, land inventory is often carried out using satellite technologies, satellite images — it’s necessary for large-scale research. Most companies that offer digital products today mainly create programs that allow farmers to work remotely.

The Cognitive Agro Pilot Autonomous harvester management system is one of the most well-known and advanced projects in the field of using artificial intelligence in agriculture. Its goal is to help producers to harvest quickly and without losses. This year, Cognitive Pilot has put its digital boxed solutions in nine of the ten largest agricultural holdings.

Currently, the Russian Agricultural Bank is developing its own ecosystem of digital services “Svoe Fermstvo”. it is intended for complex digitalization of small agricultural enterprises. Often such farms, unlike the major players in the market, do not have sufficient resources for the digitalization of their activities. Within the ecosystem, entrepreneurs can buy seeds, fertilizers, feed and agricultural machinery, get consultations veterinarians, get a set of business services and employ staff. The electronic showcase developed by the bank is also intended for the end users: small farms will be able to present their products and routes for agrotourism. By the end of the year, Rosselkhozbank intends to connect more than 50 thousand farmers to its digital platform.

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