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Honey exports have grown 2.5 times compared to 2020 !!!

Since the beginning of 2021, honey exports from the Russian Federation have increased 2.5 times compared to the same period in 2020. This is stated in the message of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, Poland is the main importer of Russian honey in 2021

“According to the information system of the Rosselkhoznadzor” Argus “, since the beginning of 2021 as of November 9, 1.1 thousand tons of Russian honey have been exported. This is 2.5 times more than in the same period in 2020, when the volume of supplies amounted to 433, 6 t “, – the message says.

According to the ministry, the main importer of Russian honey in 2021 is Poland, where 434 tons were sent – 3.9 times more than from January 1 to November 9 last year (then this figure was 110.7 tons). Ukraine is also among the main buyers of products. Exports to this country increased 35.9 times – from 5.8 tons to 208.7 tons. Significant volumes of honey are sent to the Czech Republic: since the beginning of 2021, 76.3 tons of products have been delivered there. This is 3.1 times more than in the same period in 2020 (24.2 tons).
Exports to Mongolia are 74.5 tons, which is 3.7 times higher than last year’s figure (20.06 tons). In 2021, Russian producers began to supply honey to Serbia (from January 1 to November 9, 54.6 tons were exported). In addition, purchases of Russian honey by the United States of America more than doubled – from 17.7 tons to 37 tons. Also, buyers of beekeeping products are Canada, Belgium, Japan, China, Azerbaijan and a number of other countries.

Source: TASS.ru

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