Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Forecast for Wheat Harvest in Russia !!!

According to preliminary estimates, farmers can harvest 87 million tons of wheat

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Forecast for Wheat Harvest in Russia !!!

Vladimir Putin:

Russia can harvest a record wheat harvest this year.

According to preliminary estimates,farmers can harvest 87 million tons of wheat.

The grain harvest in Russia in 2022, according to preliminary estimates, could reach a record 130 million tons, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the government on Thursday.

“A good harvest is expected this year. According to experts, – of course, these are preliminary estimates, but still – the grain harvest may amount to 130 million tons, including 87 million tons of wheat. If this happens, and we will count on it, it will be a record in the history of Russia,” he said.

Such a harvest will allow not only to meet domestic needs with a margin, but also to increase supplies to the global market for partners of the Russian Federation, which is very important for world food markets, the president stressed.

According to Rosstat, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in Russia in 2021 amounted to 121.4 million tons, which is 9% lower than the previous year. Including wheat, the main crop, 76.06 million tons were harvested, which is 11.4% less than the level of 2020.

Putin noted that Russia is confidently coping with external challenges thanks to both the responsible macroeconomic policy of recent years and systemic solutions to strengthen economic sovereignty, technological and food security. “Our manufacturing companies are gradually occupying the niches vacated after the departure of unscrupulous partners in the domestic market, including consumer goods, industrial, service equipment, construction and agricultural machinery,” – noted the president.

Source: Polye RF

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