Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Pumpkin Harvest in Russia !!!

Which regions have become the main suppliers of pumpkins in Russia?

Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Pumpkin Harvest in Russia !!!

Which regions have become the main suppliers of pumpkins in Russia?

At the end of October, the demand for pumpkin traditionally grows. The Volga region became the main supplier this year, and Dagestan turned out to be the leader among the regions.

The harvests of a vegetable, one color of which drives away the autumn blues, was studied at the Rosselkhozbank. Over the last season, the pumpkin harvest in Russia has approached 606 thousand tons. A third of the total volume was grown in the Volga Federal District, a quarter – in the South. In the Central Russia produced 18 %, in the North Caucasus – 16%.

The remaining four federal districts account for only a tenth of the harvest. The same amount, for comparison, grows in Dagestan. Voronezh, Volgograd, Saratov and Rostov regions also have high results (at the level of 7-9 %).

  1. Dagestan is ahead of all – 11% of the total volume in the country

  2. Voronezh – 9%

  3. Volgograd – 8%

  4. Saratov – 7%

  5. Rostov – 7%

At the same time, the pumpkin remains a “home” vegetable: eight out of ten fruits grow in the country or in the garden. Farmers produce 14 percent of the total, agricultural enterprises only four.

If we estimate the average weight of a pumpkin at about 4 kilograms, then in the North Caucasus there are 9.4 kilograms per person, or more than two pumpkins, the press service continued. In the Southern Federal District, there are exactly 9 kilograms per inhabitant, or two and a half pumpkins, and a resident of the Volga region gets 6.6 kilograms – one and a half pumpkins.

In general, for the last season, the pumpkin harvest in the Russian Federation amounted to 605.8 thousand tons in farms of all categories. The prominent leaders in pumpkin production are the Volga Federal District, where they harvested 193 thousand tons, or 32% of the total harvest, and the Southern Federal District, with a harvest of 148.3 thousand tons (24.5%).

“Another 18% are grown in the Central, 16% – in the North Caucasus. The remaining four districts – Northwestern, Siberian, Ural and Far Eastern – account for only 10% of the pumpkin harvest,” – said the press service of the RSHB.

The main role in supplying the country with pumpkins is played by the vegetable gardens of the Russians. They account for 82% of the harvest – in fact, eight out of ten pumpkins in the Russian Federation grew at someone’s dacha or on the site of a country house. “Another 18% of pumpkins are grown by farmers, of which agricultural organizations account for 4%, and peasant (farm) households – 14%,” the bank concluded.


Source: 1prime.ru

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