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Georgia has become one of the largest buyers of the Russian grain

Russia has increased exports to Georgia !!!

Georgia has become one of the largest buyers of the Russian grain, it follows from the review of “Sovecon”. In January, a record 215 thousand tons of wheat were delivered to the country, which corresponds to the fourth place among importers after Turkey (636.1 thousand tons), Egypt (471.3 thousand tons) and Pakistan (225.6 thousand tons).

Since the beginning of the season, 625 thousand tons of wheat have been shipped to Georgia from the Russian Federation, while the entire Georgian annual import of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) was estimated at 600 thousand tons. In addition, Georgia became the largest buyer of Russian corn, having purchased 132.9 thousand tons in January against 12.6 thousand tons a month earlier.

For comparison: 60 thousand tons of corn were supplied to the traditional Turkish market, according to Sovekon.

The Association of Grain and Flour Producers of Georgia recently reported that they have formed wheat stocks for two months and are planning to reorient part of imports to Kazakh grain instead of Russian.

Source: Kommersant.ru

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