Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Russian Agriculture Seasonal Spring Field Work Progress !!!

As of May 25, 2021 // Week 21

Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Russian Agriculture Seasonal Spring Field Work Progress !!!

As of May 25, 2021 // Week 21

Sowing rates of spring crops in Russia began to outstrip last year.

As of May 25, 41.5 million hectares have been sown.

The spring sowing plan is generally fulfilled by almost 81%.

The rate of spring sowing in Russia began to outstrip last year, although until that time they were lagging behind: work this year began later due to weather conditions. So, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of May 25, 41.5 million hectares were sown, or 80.6% of the forecasted area. In 2020, at this time, 41.4 million hectares were occupied by spring crops.

Including spring cereals were sown on 24.1 million hectares, or 82.4% of the plan (in 2020 – 24.4 million hectares), of which wheat – 10.7 million hectares, or 84.3% of the plan ( in 2020 – 10.2 million hectares), barley – 6.5 million hectares, or 84.1% (6.9 million hectares), corn for grain – 2.6 million hectares, or 93% of the plan (2 , 7 million hectares), rice – 145 thousand hectares, or 75.5% of the forecasted area (160.9 thousand hectares last year). Also, according to the agricultural department, sugar beet has been sown on 1 million hectares, or 94.1% of the forecast. A year ago, the area under crops at that time was 922.9 thousand hectares. Sunflower occupied 7.9 million hectares, or 92.5% of the plan, while on the same date in 2020 it was sown on 7.1 million hectares. Spring rape covers 1.1 million hectares, or 91.5% against 1 million hectares in 2020. Soybeans have been sown on 1.7 million hectares, or 56.1% of the plan (2 million hectares). Potatoes in the commercial sector were planted on 191.6 thousand hectares or 66% of the forecasted area (215, 4 thousand hectares). Sowing of early vegetables was carried out on 128.4 thousand hectares or 67.6% of the plan, a year ago they occupied a little less – 127.4 thousand hectares.

In April, market participants interviewed by Agroinvestor said that this year spring sowing began later than the last year. In some companies, work was delayed for a week, somewhere – for 10 days or more. At the same time, for example, the CFO of the Syukden“Gleb Tikhomirov noted that the lag this year is not critical, especially since the situation was improved by heavy rains in the South. The commercial director of the agricultural holding “Niva-Mikheev and K” (Nizhny Novgorod region) Leonid Mudrov also did not fear for the future harvest due to the later sowing.

At the moment, spring sowing in the regions is in various stages. For example, the Stavropol Territory has completed spring sowing. Agricultural crops occupied 806 thousand hectares, including 261 thousand hectares of sunflower, 132 thousand hectares of corn, 42 thousand hectares of flax, 30 thousand hectares of sugar beet. Soybeans occupied 11 thousand hectares, buckwheat and millet – 1.1 thousand hectares and 5.3 thousand hectares.

The Crimean farmers have completed the sowing of spring crops, the press service of the regional government reported yesterday. The sowing plan was overfulfilled by more than 1 thousand hectares, the area was 83.6 thousand hectares. Of these, 270 hectares were occupied by spring wheat, almost 46 thousand hectares – barley, more than 33 thousand hectares – peas, mustard and flax, 4.5 thousand hectares – oats, 5.6 thousand hectares of perennial and annual herbs and spring crops for green fodder. The sowing area of ​​late spring crops exceeded 6 thousand hectares, or 111% of the plan. Almost 3 thousand hectares of corn for grain, 2.4 thousand hectares of millet, more than 877 hectares of sorghum have been sown. In addition, 63 thousand hectares of sunflower and 260 hectares of soybeans were sown in the republic.

The sowing campaign in Bashkortostan is coming to an end. As of May 22, 95% of the planned area was sown there – 1.9 million hectares, including grains and legumes occupied 1.2 million hectares (94% of the plan), oilseeds – 335 thousand hectares (98%), sugar beets – 36 thousand hectares (103.5%), forage grasses – 182 thousand hectares (90%). In the Penza region, spring sowing is also nearing completion and has already been carried out on 912.4 thousand hectares (93% of the planned volume). In the region’s farms, crops of spring grains and legumes occupy 439.6 thousand hectares. Including spring wheat sown on 233.5 thousand hectares, barley – on 114.6 thousand hectares, corn for grain occupies 38.4 thousand hectares.

In the Tomsk region, sowing was carried out on 120.1 thousand hectares – 61.4% of the plan. The total sown area in the region in 2021 will amount to 329.7 thousand hectares, including 196.9 thousand hectares with spring crops. In the Kaliningrad region, sowing is almost complete. Cereals and legumes are sown on 56.5 thousand hectares (100%), industrial crops – on 6 thousand hectares (98%). In addition, more than 1.8 thousand hectares of potatoes have been planted, which is 88% of the plan, 579 hectares of vegetables (54%) have been sown.

Source: Agroinvestor.ru

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