Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Spring Seeding Campaign in Kazakhstan !!!

In Kazakhstan, all the regions launched a mass field campaign

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Spring Seeding Campaign in Kazakhstan !!!

In Kazakhstan, all the regions launched a mass field campaign.

This year, the Kazakh farmers increased planting area for potatoes, sunflowers, vegetables and other social crops.

Spring field works are actively carried out in Kazakhstan

– reports Minselkhoz.

According to the instructions of the President of the country, the volume of financing for agriculture has been increased, which will make it possible to ensure the food security of the country in a qualitative manner.

“All measures will be taken by the state to carry out the sowing campaign strictly within the optimal time frame. This year, farmers are receiving unprecedented assistance,”

– explained Azat Sultanov, director of the crop production department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Taking into account the additional funds allocated for state support of the agro-industrial complex, 449 billion tenge are provided from the republican budget:
  • 107.2 billion tenge will be allocated only in the direction of crop production.
  • Given the importance of the production of social bread, 9.2 billion tenge is provided to subsidize grain.
  • According to the data of akimats, the total sown area this year is 23 million hectares, which is 105 thousand hectares more than last year.
  • It is planned to significantly increase the area of ​​fodder crops, which this year will amount to 3.6 million hectares. This will allow us to produce more feed and provide regions in need.
  • Also, for the sowing campaign, 2.3 million tons of seeds were covered for the harvest, which corresponds to 100% of the need.
At the moment, spring crops have been sown on 2.9 million hectares or 19% of the plan:
  1. oilseeds – 1.5 million hectares (47.8%);
  2. corn for grain – 231.2 thousand hectares (87.2%);
  3. perennial grasses – 309.6 thousand ha (70.7%);
  4. potatoes – 133.4 thousand hectares (68%);
  5. vegetables – 128.7 thousand hectares (75.9%);
  6. and other crops.
Work is underway to provide agricultural producers with fertilizers. In total, more than 670 thousand tons of fertilizers are planned to be applied this year. Now 308.1 thousand tons or 46% of the plan have already been shipped.
Thanks to the support of the Government, an agreement was reached with domestic producers of mineral fertilizers to meet the needs of farmers. The price of ammonium nitrate has been reduced from 200,000 tenge to 160,000 tenge. Additional work is also ongoing to reduce fertilizer prices.
144,000 tractors, 4,700 high-performance sowing complexes, 77,000 grain seeders, 221,000 other tillage implements are taking part in the sowing campaign this year.
For sowing work, 400.2 thousand tons of diesel fuel were allocated (in 2021 – 380 thousand tons). Also, a budget loan in the amount of 140 billion tenge was allocated to finance the spring field work, and 80 billion tenge was provided as part of the forward purchase of grain.
“The issue of successful spring field work is under constant and special control of the Ministry of Agriculture. For this purpose, an operational headquarters has been created and operates in the Ministry, designed to promptly resolve all emerging problematic issues of spring field work,”
– summed up Azat Sultanov.

Source: Zerno Online

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