Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Sustainable Agriculture !!!

Altai scientists have developed a technology for saving water when irrigating agricultural lands

Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Sustainable Agriculture !!!

A matter of ecology and sustainable development is very critical nowadays.

Lots of European countries are facing the problem of the shortage of water.

Scientists of the Altai State University have developed a resource-saving technology for the cultivation of dry agricultural lands. With the help of meteorological stations, it will save water when irrigating fields, – said a press service of the university.

“New technologies are designed to retain moisture without irrigation, using the internal potential of the water regime.

For research, we deployed agrometeorological stations in the Altai Territory and Kazakhstan – automatic meteorological stations with sensors installed at three different depths. They measure parameters such as temperature, humidity and the availability of soil moisture to plants. The stations store the received data in the system and can broadcast it online, which allows researchers to determine if the internal water resources are sufficient for the plants. The results of the analysis make it possible to save water,” – said Andrei Bondarovich, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography of the University.

With the help of the data of the system, it is possible to predict the level of minimum tillage in individual areas, so that moisture penetrates to the depth and is more evenly consumed by plants during the season.

“The use of water resources in large quantities leads to the drainage of natural reservoirs. This work is of great importance for the development of agriculture and ecology,”

– the message says.

The development of Altai scientists is already in demand in Uzbekistan, where the problem is urgent.

FSBI “Center of Agroanalytics”

Source: Svoefermerstvo.ru

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