Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Weather Conditions in the Black Soil Region !!!

Where does the harvest float? Weather disasters threaten crops in the Central Black Earth region

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Weather Conditions in the Black Soil Region !!!

Following the death of winter crops in the south of the Central Federal District, farmers faced new problems. Heavy May rains in the main granaries of the country, including in the Black Earth region, may adversely affect the future grain harvest.

For a number of regions, the last month of spring turned out to be abnormally hot: the air warmed up to +35 and above. At the same time, there was no traditional drought. Precipitation fell more than usual. In some places, showers were accompanied by hail and strong winds. We observe overmoisture fields in the Kursk, Belgorod, and Oryol regions. This complicates the processing of fields with plant protection products and fertilizing with fertilizers. A similar situation has developed in the Stavropol region and the Kuban: grain overgrow, and to protect them before the earing phase of the farm will not have time. At the same time, in the Volga region, crops experienced temperature stress due to heat and drought, some received thermal burns.

The May losses overshadowed the already not very rosy picture with grain crops. On the territory of the Voronezh Region, winter crops were hit first by an autumn drought, then by February frosts. The spring freezing of the soil and the ice crust on the fields completed the work. About a third of the crops were lost. Most of the dead winter crops have either been replaced with spring crops or are being replanted with industrial crops.

The high stable temperatures established in the second decade of May favored the rapid development of the remaining winter wheat crops. Now it is important to ensure their protection, as there is no shortage of moisture. With spring grain crops, the situation is very positive-thanks to the increased temperatures and soil moisture. The development of both wheat and barley is active, especially in those farms that have taken care of sufficient nutrition and protection from weeds. At the same time, in the last weekend of May, at night, the air temperature dropped to +6 degrees in combination with precipitation, so farmers now need to carefully monitor pests and diseases.

Lipetsk farmers, like their neighbors from the Voronezh, Orel and Tambov regions, rely on oilseeds. The areas occupied by sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans were already planned to increase in 2021, and due to the need to replant the fields after the death of winter crops, this desire only grew stronger.

High-margin oilseeds, which were practically not grown in the Lipetsk region before, now occupy a significant share in the crop rotation,

said the head of the regional Department of Agriculture Oleg Dolgikh.

The area under rapeseed and soy increased this year by more than 10 % and 20%, respectively.

The Amur region sows the most soybeans in Russia, with the Kursk region in second place with 260 thousand hectares.


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