Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the WEATHER FORECAST in RUSSIA !!!

The climatic situation in Russia continues to remain very turbulent

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the WEATHER FORECAST in RUSSIA !!!

The climatic situation in Russia continues to remain very turbulent.

The climatic situation in Russia continues to remain very turbulent. Before everyone had time to rejoice at the onset of a meteorological spring, inclement weather again came to the Russian Plain.

Moreover, troubles were “presented” to us by a powerful cyclone formed in the west of the European continent. So, a powerful wave of a cold air front, stretching from Scandinavia to Italy, has already covered the central regions of European Russia, which led to snowfalls in the Smolensk region, heavy downpours and snow and rain in the Tver and Yaroslavl regions.

In the Oryol, Kaluga, Bryansk and Kursk regions on Thursday night there was intense precipitation in the form of sleet and rain, and the wind increased to 15-17 meters per second, in some places a real April blizzard was observed.

The weather also deteriorated in Tatarstan and Chuvashia, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Magadan Region. And, as forecasters warn, this is just the beginning. In the coming days, the climatic end of the world will continue. According to the forecast of meteorologists, complete confusion with the weather is expected in almost the entire territory of our country.

April is not happy for anyone, and forecasters promise that it will be unstable almost throughout the Russian Plain.

But the beginning of May will please us with warmth. But then the forecasters say that the turn will be unexpected and unpleasant. After a relatively comfortable period, which, however, is expected to be short, cold weather will return to Russia: the temperature background will be below the climatic norm even in the south of the country, cold showers, thunderstorms, lightning, wind, and hurricanes are possible. This is all we are promised by meteorologists in the last month of the calendar spring.

Weather in the regions of the Volga Federal District: from winter to summer

Something incomprehensible is happening with the weather in the regions of the Volga Federal District. So, in the Kirov region at the beginning of the week it was cloudy, windy, it was raining with snow, and after midnight the thermometer columns dropped in places even to minus 7.

But already today, under the influence of the warm sector of the southwestern cyclone, the air mass was carried out with an increase in cloudiness. It rained a little in the region, and the air warmed up to plus 11. During the period from April 9 to 11, meteorologists promise heavy rainfall.

This will form a large temperature contrast between the northern and southern regions of the region. For example, in the south-west and west of the Kirov region, the maximum air temperature can reach plus 17, and in the south and east – only plus 5-7 is predicted.

The end of the world awaits the residents of Tatarstan in the coming days. There is a serious imbalance between the daytime and nighttime temperature background. For example, this afternoon in Kazan it was plus 10-11, and after midnight the thermometers are expected to be around zero. On Friday, April 9, precipitation is forecasted in the republic, strong in places.

The air in the daytime will warm up to plus 6, with the onset of darkness frosts are possible. On Saturday, in the afternoon it will be only plus 2-3, the wind will intensify, and it will rain again. But already on Sunday it will become much warmer – spring plus 9-11 are predicted, and by the middle of next week in Tatarstan the air will warm up to plus 21. Thus, in just a few days the weather will make a breakthrough in the Volga region from winter to summer.

Weather forecast for May 2021 in the regions of the Volga District

The beginning of May in the regions of the Volga region will please. So, in the Samara region, according to forecasters, the last month of spring will start sunny and warm-the thermometer will rise to plus 20. But in mid-May, it will rapidly start to get cold here – in some places the air will cool down to plus 13-15. Clearly, no one is waiting for such a turn here.

In Tatarstan, according to forecasters, almost the whole of May will be cold – on the thermometer, even on the sunniest days, it will not be above plus 15-18, and then such indicators can be expected only by the end of the month.

At the same time, sunny days will be replaced by rain, and a complete calm – a strong wind. In general, the weather will not spoil you. Approximately the same climate scenario is promised in Chuvashia, but more cloudy days are expected there, although rain is not yet predicted. The air temperature will be plus 18-20.

Source: Expert.ru


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