Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Winter Crops Codition !!!

The situation with winter crops has improved

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Winter Crops Codition !!!

The situation with winter crops has improved.

Analytical center SovEcon raised the forecast for the wheat harvest in 2021 from 76.8 million tons up to 77.7 million tons due to the changed weather conditions, reports Reuters. Precipitation and significant snow cover significantly improved the situation with winter crops in January, although in general it is still far from ideal, since in winter the plants left in their worst condition over the past 10 years due to dry weather in autumn, SovEkon recalls. At the end of November, RoshydrometCenter estimated a share of bad and non-emerged crops at the level of 22%. The center’s analysts also note that the risks for winter crops are the highest in late February – early March.

Agroinvestor asked agricultural producers how their winter crops are going.

A general director of the Zarechye company (Krasnodar Territory) Valery Kiyashchenko says that there is snow in the fields, the plants are covered.

In our region, winter crops went into winter in good condition, with normal amount of moisture. Now the weather conditions for overwintering plants are also favorable,” – says Leonid Mudrov, commercial director of the agricultural holding“ Niva-Mikheev and K”(Nizhny Novgorod region). – The snow cover is sufficient to prevent freezing. Although we had a fairly strong frost, we believe that it did not damage the plants.” However, in the nearest future, several days of above-zero temperatures are expected in the region, and it is very important that after that an ice crust is not formed on the fields, otherwise it will make difficult to breathe for the plants, – he adds.“ At the same time, the wintering of winter crops is far from being favorable everywhere – in the regions located south of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the situation is somewhat worse than ours,” – Mudrov knows. According to him, prices for milling wheat are not falling now, despite the expected export restrictions, just due to the fact that farmers in the South, in the Volga and Central Black Earth regions are concerned about the state of winter crops. 

General Director of Zeros(Lipetsk region) Nikolai Bobin confirms that this season is not the most favorable for winter crops. “The sowing took place with a moisture deficit, but the plants sprouted. Now there is snow in the fields, so we hope that as a result, winter crops will come out of winter in a normal state, – he shares. – However, I am not ready to make more detailed forecasts yet. Towards the end of February, we plan to take a sample from the fields, and then the picture will be clearer.”

In Orenburg winter crops came in winter weakened, and there are fears that not all of them will winter well, especially those that were not sown in pure fallow, says the general director of the company Alexei Orlov. “Frosts in our area reached -20 degrees in the absence of snow, and how this factor will affect the condition of the plants is still not clear. Now the snow has fallen, all winter crops are covered, we do not disturb them. The full picture will be visible in the spring,” – he adds.

Alexander Markin, chairman of the board of directors of OSP Agro (Moscow Region), says that the company sowed all the areas it planned with winter crops, and the plants reached winter in a developed state. “While good weather conditions for wintering are developing in our region, there is enough snow in the fields. We expect to get a yield of winter cereals of 60 c / ha, however, as a rule, in fact, we reach the figures slightly higher than expected,” – he estimates.

Source: Agroinvestor.ru

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