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Agriculture as an Asset Class

AGRICULTURE RUSSIA – The Opportunity !!!

Volga Baikal AGRO LLC, the leading Agriculture Project Development Group is offering Agriculture-Business Opportunity in the Russian Federation. Project based Equity or Dept Financing Investment, Shareholding Investment into the Holding Company-Level based in Switzerland, all depending on Investor’s Personal Preferences.
Volga Baikal AGRO LLC the Russian Subsidiary of Leu-AGRO Group Holding Switzerland (Holding under Development) is specializing in the Development and Design of Agricultural Farming Operations. Assemble and Develop large Tracts of Arable Land for Grain and Beef Production in the Central Black Earth, the Volga Delta, the Siberian, and Far-East Region of the Russian Federation.
The Enterprise is effectively positioned for Sustainable and Robust Agriculture Farming Development. Dry-Land and Irrigation Farming under Cutting Edge-Technologies, No-Till and Sustainable Carbon-Neutral Farming Practices coupled with the Development into State-of-the-Art Infrastructure. This Agriculture Project’s have the Ability and Edge to become the Reliable Source, Producer and Supplier of Choice for Agricultural Raw Material, Value Added Commodities, Certified Seed and Beef Genetic Material on the Territory of the Russian Federation.
Volga Baikal AGRO LLC. Management Team consists of Russian and International Agriculture Specialists with extensive Know-How in Farm-Development, Finance and Legal Operation’s coupled with Administrative-Political Issues related to Agriculture and Farming Projects in the Russian Federation.
The Team is offering scalable Agriculture Projects available to Investors who are ready to enter the “ASSET CLASS – AGRICULTURE”, the Opportunity to Develop Scalable, Sustainable Carbon-Neutral Agriculture Farming Production in the Russian Federation. In the Short and Long-Term this Agriculture Development Projects will deliver Exceptional and stable Profit’s by Diversified Commodity Production coupled with Land Value Appreciation.


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