Volga Baikal AGRO – Products and Services

Volga Baikal AGRO – Products and Services:

Volga Baikal Agro will produce a wide range of agricultural commodities, with vertical integration; it will NOT only deal in primary agricultural products, but also specialty production and processed value added semi manufactured products.

The following list includes our primary and secondary agricultural products and processing:

Primary List:

  • Wheat (Winter and Spring)
  • Barley (Malting and Feed)
  • Raps and Flax (Linen)
  • Sunflower (Oil and Confection)
  • Soybean and Corn
  • Sugar Beets
  • Lentils and Edible
  • Beans
  • Millet and Canary
  • Seed

Secondary List:

  • Seed Farm, high quality seed, with focus on Black Earth Region Crops.
  • Vegetable oil processing of Raps, Sunflower, Flax (Linen) and Soya.
  • Sugar Beet processing, production of high quality Sugar.
  • Lentils and Edible Beans Processing.
  • Starch / Ethanol production.
  • Hay and Alfalfa Pellets production for domestic and export feed market.
  • High Quality Meat Cattle and Breeding stock.
  • Irrigation Farming development.
  • Potatoes and Vegetable production.
  • Fruit Production

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