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SEAON Chronicles. A quantum breakthrough technology in agriculture and food industry !!!

Volga Baikal AGRO LLC:, together with other Partners on Development of the SEAON Sustainable Ecosystem for the Russian Federation.
Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL), one of the largest and most trusted institutes in inspection and testing, has issued SEAON Water and SLS Water a safety certification based on SEAON technology for humans and animals.
SEAON technology was developed at the research institute of the innovative Japan Star Enterprises (JSE) company. SEAON technology provides opportunities for multiple production scaling related to desalination of water resources from underground reservoirs for the purpose of high-quality water supply to the population, agricultural land irrigation, treatment of industrial wastewater, and other domestic problems solutions.
JFRL, since its founding in 1957, has performed qualitative and quantitative testing of nutrients and hazardous ingredients in a variety of samples such as food, feed, manure, drinking water, labelling, and packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and household items.
JFRL provides not only data on the identification and assessment of functional components in foods, but also technical advisory services. Today JFRL is one of the world’s most respected analytical testing laboratories, providing the widest range of precise technical services.





























































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