Volga Baikal AGRO – Project Status

Investment and Investor:

Volga Baikal AGRO LLC., Agriculture Project – Russia
“Large Scale Agriculture Production Development.”
Production and Processing of Raw Commodities, Certified Seed and Cattle Farming in the Central Black Earth and Volga Region of the Russian Federation. Supply Domestic and International Markets with High Quality Commodities, Grain, Certified Seed and Quality Beef.
The legal Company has been setup and created and initial Group Structure has been formed to open the way for potential investors to become part of the project.
The initial Project calls to assemble and Develop 90,000 hectares of Arable Land in the Volgograd Oblast – Volga Federal District of Russian Federation. Develop Dry-Land and Irrigation Farming, build Cutting Edge-Technologies, No-Till Farming and State of the Art Infrastructure.
The initial investment for the startup and the detailed plan and allocation of this investment can be requested by potential investors, and will cover the planning of the setup of the future projects parallel to the initial model farm, what will pave the way for the investment for the future above outlined projects.


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