Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Cyber-Sowing in RUSSIA !!!

Cyber-sowing: high technologies to help agrarians

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Cyber-Sowing in RUSSIA !!!

Cyber-sowing: high technologies to help agrarians !!!

The sowing campaign has started all over Russia – the most important stage of agricultural work. It is the high-quality sowing campaign that lays the foundation for the success of the entire agricultural season and the potential profit of agricultural producers. Digital technologies that serve to analyze the composition of the soil, track the state of crops, predict the weather and even harvest will help farmers to improve their indicators.

1) To prepare the ground: High-quality soil suitable for culture is of key importance for obtaining a large harvest. Realizing this, the Rosselkhoznadzor and Innogeotech have developed the service “Zemleved”, which allows farmers to submit a soil sample for a comprehensive agrochemical analysis (macro- and microelements), identify the composition of elements affecting its fertility, and based on the data obtained, select suitable fertilizers. The Zemleved service takes into account the geographical features of the region, provides accurate laboratory studies, and is also convenient to use.

2) To provide high-tech care: Agricultural crops need constant care, regular processing and watering. Now the service “Agronomist Online” from the company Interra can come to the aid of farmers. It allows satellite monitoring of fields, analysis of crop development, provides automatic warnings about risks in the field, and thanks to it it is possible to plan field work on the recommendations of experts and in accordance with weather forecasts. Such an online assistant with a wide range of tools for daily field work will make it possible to provide functional control over agricultural services and comfortable interaction with seed producers, simplify the process of making daily operational decisions. In addition, Agronomist Online will allow you to assess the condition of crops and provides access to an extensive database.

3) To consult with specialists: When running a farm, the advice of an outside professional is often required. In this case, the agrarians can use the service “Agroconsultant”. Users have access to personal qualified consultations from teachers of the Russian State Agrarian University – the Ministry of Agriculture named after K.A. Timiryazev. Doctors of Biological and agricultural Sciences are ready to discuss issues of crop fertilization, selection of soil composition suitable for a particular crop, as well as give advice on growing vegetable, fruit and grain crops.

Source: Ysia.ru

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