Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Spring Sowing in Russia !!!

3.5 million hectares are sown with spring crops in Russia

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Spring Sowing in Russia !!!

The Ministry of Agriculture reported that 3.5 million hectares were sown with spring crops in Russia !!!

Since the beginning of the sowing campaign, 3.5 million hectares have already been sown with spring crops in the Russian Federation. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev during a video conference chaired by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin:

“The area under spring crops will be 53.6 million hectares. Now about 3.5 million hectares have been sown, the rates in the whole country exceed last year. In addition, more than 12 million hectares have been fertilized.”

The Minister recalled that the total sown area in Russia in 2022 reached 81.3 million hectares, which is 1 million hectares more than a year earlier:

“We are expanding crops for spring cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, open-field vegetables and soybeans.”

According to him, the agro-industrial complex of our country continues to operate normally. The weather made it possible to start spring field work two to three weeks earlier than the average multi-year period.

“As of April 21, farmers have already entered the fields in 44 regions,” the minister said.

He stressed that out of 19 million hectares of winter crops, about 97% of crops are in good and satisfactory condition, which is better than last year.

D.Patrushev also noted that the current situation is under the special control of the Ministry of Agriculture. The priority is to provide farmers with basic material and technical resources, primarily seeds. “For grain crops and soybeans, it has already implemented at 100%. For other crops a systematic work is underway. By the beginning of sowing, each region will be 100% ready,” – the minister said.

He recalled that a government decree came into force on April 13, providing for the temporary abolition of the requirements for the use of zoned seeds. “This measure will make it possible to provide subsidies to more farmers and, as a result, will help increase the gross harvest of the main crops – primarily potatoes and open ground vegetables,” – D.Patrushev is sure.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture reported:

The grain harvest in Russia in 2022 could reach 123 million tons.

According to Rosstat, the grain harvest in Russia in 2021 amounted to 121.4 million tons, in 2020 – 133.5 million tons.

Source: TASS.ru

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