Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Export of the Russian Agricultural Machinery !!!

The export of the Russian agricultural machinery for 9 months increased by 50% - up to 16.3 billion rubles

Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Export of the Russian Agricultural Machinery !!!

The export of the Russian agricultural machinery for 9 months of 2021 increased by 50% – up to 16.3 billion rubles !!!

This is already more than the record deliveries for the entire last year when the amount was 15.9 billion rubles.

In quantitative terms,

the most significant – 2.5 times – increase in the export of sprayers. Deliveries of balers increased by 68%, plows – by 62%, reapers – by 59%, fertilizer applicators – by 58%, all-wheel drive tractors – by 53%, self-propelled mowers – by 40%, cultivators – by 31%. harrows – by 26%, combine harvesters – by 15%,

– cites data from Rosspetsmash“.

In January-September, domestic agricultural machinery was supplied to farmers in 34 countries. The main buyers were the states of the CIS and the European Union, shipments to Mongolia also continued to increase, the markets of the countries of Scandinavia, Africa, the Middle East, Brazil are being developed. Exports to Serbia increased the most in monetary terms over the nine months – by 4.6 times. Sales to Hungary increased 4.5 times, to Poland – 4.2 times, to Mongolia – 2.8 times, to Azerbaijan – 2.7 times, to Slovakia – 2.6 times. Shipments of agricultural machinery to Moldova increased by 86%, to Lithuania – by 73%, to Kyrgyzstan – by 65%, to Kazakhstan – by 54%, to Germany – by 36%, to the Czech Republic – by 33%.

Among the main reasons for the growth in exports of Rosspetsmash names high world prices for agricultural products, so that farmers can invest additional funds in upgrading equipment. Also in a number of countries there is a high deferred demand for it. At the same time, the association draws attention to the fact that domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers, due to the high level of localization, do not experience such problems with the supply of components against the background of quarantine restrictions, as some foreign companies do. This allows Russian enterprises to maintain high rates of external sales. In addition, the dynamics of exports is positively influenced by the fact that domestic factories are expanding dealer networks abroad, improve service, more and more often hold demonstration shows, and actively participate in congress and exhibition events.

However, Rosspetsmash notes that due to the increase in metal prices – for some types of products by more than 100% since July last year – the cost of production of equipment has increased by more than 20%. If this problem is not resolved, then it will be difficult for Russian manufacturers of agricultural machinery to maintain the rate of increase in production and export supplies, the association warns.

Ministry of Agriculture previously reported that in the first nine months of this year, farmers increased purchases of agricultural machinery by 15.6% to about 51 thousand units. Including purchases of tractors increased 1.3 times to 11.2 thousand, harvesters – 1.4 times to 5000. 

“We continue to record a positive trend of actively replacing outdated, low—productivity equipment with modern ones, which allows us to significantly increase the efficiency of our production,” Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev said during a government meeting on October 28. – This, in particular, is facilitated by such mechanisms as preferential leasing, preferential loans, as well as Resolution No. 1432.” According to the plan of the agricultural department, this year farmers will purchase 62.8 thousand units of machinery and equipment.

Source: Agroinvestor

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