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Update on the Winter Crop Condition 2021/2022, in most regions of Russia, winter crops are in good and satisfactory condition. This allows you to expect a good harvest in 2022.

The hydrometeorological center has estimated the share of bad winter crops: it is 3% against 22% last year.

In recent years, winter is increasingly having a positive effect on plants.

Winter crops in most regions are in good and satisfactory condition, the share of non-emerged and thinned crops is about 3%, which allows us to count on a good harvest in 2022, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said during a press conference. Last year, the share of bad winter crops reached 22%, he recalled, on average over five years – 9%. “Now a wonderful result, and I would like to hope that these conditions will continue in the future,” said the specialist (quoted from the conference broadcast).
In most of the granary regions, the condition of the plants is good and satisfactory, Wilfand said. In most of the areas, they stopped growing in the tillering phase. Thus, in the South and North Caucasian Federal Districts, the share of winter crops in poor condition is estimated at 2-2.5%.

“There is only one region where the area of ​​bad crops is about 10% – the Ural Federal District, but there is nothing wrong with that either. In spring, summer and autumn, there was a terrible shortage of precipitation, so they had to sow in dry land, ” he said. “But the area under crops is not that large, and in general, there was no negative impact on the future harvest.”

Also, according to Vilfand, if earlier winter, as a rule, worsened the condition of winter crops – they were blown out or froze out due to insufficient snow cover – in recent years, winter has increasingly helped farmers, which is associated with a warming climate. “Let’s hope it helps this year as well,” he added.

PS: Ministry of Agriculture previously reported that winter crops for the harvest of 2022 were sown on about 19 million hectares. At the same time, the department calculated that the sowing area would be 0.5 million hectares more.

Source: Agroinvestor.ru




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