Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Sowing Campaign – 2022 in Russia !!!

Crop development, Weather & Forecasts

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Sowing Campaign – 2022 in Russia: crop development, weather and forecasts !!!

Valery Solopov, agricultural holding “Tambovagropromkhimiya”: “With the shoots of winter and spring barley and wheat, things are very good. Winter crops have survived several cold months perfectly and are now being treated with plant protection products. Spring wheat and barley also feel great. For these crops, clear weather and the absence of intense heat were favorable factors.” With corn and sunflower, the situation is a little worse. If compared with previous years, they are still lagging behind in development, which is due to the past cold weather.”

At the moment, the harvest is being formed in the south of the country, winter wheat, legumes and other crops are being poured. Now the humidity level plays a critical role. Andrey Neduzhko, CEO of the Steppe company: “The warm winter and off-season allowed us to accumulate a good supply of moisture in the soil, which was enough for normal vegetation of plants at the initial stages. Now the condition of the fields in the farms of the agricultural holding does not cause concern, while we are counting on rains for a month.”

Weather conditions for the development of plants in the Tula region are favorable for both spring and winter crops — they have enough heat and moisture, says Alexey Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Razdolie Agro: “We have already received seedlings on all crops. As for the vegetation, it is not worse than the average annual indicators, and maybe even better.”

In some regions, frequent rains are observed, which hinder the processing of the fields of the NWR. As for the temperature, it is optimal for all agricultural crops, except sunflower — it’s a little cold for him now.

Now the most crucial time for the development of plants comes, and if there is still precipitation before harvesting, then you can count on a good harvest!

Source: Agroinvestor.ru

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