Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Start of the Sowing Campaign in Russia !!!

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Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Start of the Sowing Campaign in Russia !!!

This year, agricultural producers have faced unforeseen challenges. At the start of the sowing campaign, many farmers who did not have time to buy everything necessary for sowing in advance are forced to quickly look for alternative suppliers to replace foreign companies that have left the market; overpay both for the means of production themselves and for their delivery due to the fall of the ruble.

However, sowing has already begun in the southern regions, and in the more northern ones it will start as soon as the weather allows.

In the South and in some regions of Central Russia, spring sowing is already underway. According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture, sowing is actively underway in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as in the Rostov region. The Krasnodar Territory has all the resources for sowing spring crops, plant protection products, mineral fertilizers and seeds have been purchased in the required volume. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov region, more than 100 thousand tons of spring grain and leguminous seeds have been harvested in farms, which exceeds the required volumes. Mineral fertilizers for spring field work have been harvested almost 563 thousand tons in physical matter, which is 92% of the demand, their purchase of fertilizers continues.

In the Kursk region (Central Russia), spring sowing began on April 7, some farms in the region began sowing barley. Farmers in several districts of the Belgorod region also started sowing grain.

In the more northern regions, sowing has not yet begun, as there is still snow on the fields, but farmers have already stocked up on everything they need and are ready to start the campaign as soon as the weather normalizes.

Many farmers bought everything beforehand for the spring sowing campaign: seeds, agricultural products, spare parts. The soil and equipment was prepared in advance as well.

Those who did not have time to buy seeds in time, buy products of domestic breeding, in particular, corn and sunflower. Their quality is still somewhat worse than that of foreign seeds.

The sowing campaign has started but it is still too early to make forecasts about new output yield.

Source: Milknews.ru

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