Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Russian Agriculture Weather !!!

Weatherforecast for October 2021

Volga Baikal AGRO News Update on the Russian Agriculture Weather !!!

Warm and dry weather contributes to the completion of spring wheat harvesting in Russia without significant losses, which reduces market concern about a possible reduction in the harvest and increases pressure on prices against the background of low export and demand rates.

Practically on the entire territory of the Russian Plain, the climatic norm is already 5-6 degrees lower. October will bring frosts, and in some places the first snow.

It will be unusually warm in October and in the regions of the north-west of the country. So, in Murmansk at the beginning of the month, plus 10 is expected.

By the 11th-12th day, the thermometers will drop to the plus 5-6 marks, but at night you can already expect a slight frost to minus 1. Partly cloudy weather will be replaced by rains.

Vologda is waiting for temperature jumps, but small. At the beginning of the month, it’s plus 8 here, it’s cloudy. The second week of the second calendar month of autumn is quite warm – plus 10, partly cloudy. But after the 15th, the cold snap is back, and this time it’s final: the thermometers will show plus 4-5 in the afternoon, and frosts are expected from October 25.

Severe Arkhangelsk will not go beyond the usual temperature regime for this time of year: gradually the thermometers will drop from plus 10 to plus 3, and by the end of the month minus 3 is expected at night.

In the Urals, the beginning of the month will be cool and very rainy – only plus 4-5. But the second and third weeks are expected to be much warmer – plus 8-10. After the 15th, it will get colder to plus 4-5. The weather is cloudy, there is a slight frost at night and minus 1-2. There will be no snow yet.

In Moscow, the weather in October will be cloudy and rainy. The first week: plus 7-8, and at night the temperature can drop to minus indicators.

The second and third weeks of October are expected to be slightly warmer – plus 10, but there will be precipitation, and the first frosts in the morning will not allow you to feel even such a small warmth. A couple of days in the middle of the month promise partly cloudy. Closer to the last days of October, the weather will clear up a little, but the thermometer columns will still continue to slowly creep down – to plus 3-4 in the afternoon, and at night below zero.

Source: Expert.ru

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