Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Weather Conditions in Russia !!!

Precipitation improved the condition of winter crops

Volga Baikal AGRO NEWS Update on the Weather Conditions in Russia !!!

Precipitation improved the condition of winter crops.

However, risks remain due to the lack of soil moisture in a number of regions.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of November 3, winter crops in Russia were sown on more than 18.8 million hectares – 800 thousand hectares more than a year earlier. According to the plan of the department, their area should be almost 19.2 million hectares. According to Roshydromet, in November the weather in the South of the country will allow to continue sowing winter crops, but the moisture deficit in the soil will remain.

Most grain-producing regions were still dry last week, raising concerns about the health of winter crops. For example, the government of the Voronezh region reported that due to drought in the region, about 90% of winter crops are in unsatisfactory condition, there are seedlings only on half of the sown areas. Earlier , other regions of the Chernozem region reported about poor germination of winter crops . The farmers of the South complained in October that they had to sow in dry soil, which was fraught with problems. However, agricultural producers surveyed by Agroinvestor are now more optimistic about the situation.

The president of the Agrotech-Garant company (Belgorod and Voronezh regions) Sergei Orobinsky said last week that the company has only 10-15% of the sown winter crops in the seedling stage. “The reason for such poor sprouting is a record low amount of productive moisture in the soil, almost zero value of this indicator in a meter layer,” he said. “This creates not only the threat of death of winter cereals, but also negative preconditions for the formation of the yield of other agricultural crops, primarily row crops”.

Now the situation has improved, since heavy rains have passed in the regions where the company operates. “If the warm weather lasts for the next eight to twelve days, we will get seedlings,” Orobinsky estimates. True, the autumn tillering has not happened to date, and most likely, in the winter, the seedlings will leave at the “schillet” stage at best, he adds. “Let’s hope for spring tillering. If the spring is long and wet, then we have the prospect of getting a good harvest. If we are faced with a spring drought, then we will not have to hope for a high gross harvest of winter crops, ”the head notes.

Agroholding ” Zeros”(Lipetsk region) sowed winter crops at standard dates in the absence of precipitation. “It is raining in our region now. We hope that in the near future the weather will continue to be warm, and the winter crops will open up a little, ”says Nikolay Bobin, CEO of the company. “At the moment, our expectations for winter crops are optimistic.”

Alexander Markin, chairman of the board of directors of the Sosnovka agricultural firm near Moscow, says that the sowing of winter crops in the region took place with a slight delay due to the weather, but now the situation has leveled off, and in winter they will leave in good condition. “So far, we have no fears about the state of winter crops,” he comments.

Agrofirm “Progress” (Krasnodar Territory) finished winter sowing on October 19. “After that, 17 mm of precipitation fell, it was enough for the first shoots to appear in our fields,” shares the general director of the company Alexander Nezhenets. – The other day, another 27 mm of precipitation fell, and this is a guarantee that germination will be good, and the soil for spring crops will be well cut. In general, our forecast for the state of winter crops is favorable. ”

The company ” PPC-Expo “(Krasnodar Territory) carried out winter sowing in planned volumes and on schedule. “It has been raining recently, so we believe that wheat will leave in winter at the required level of development,” said General Director Evgeny Sidyukov. However, it is too early to assess the prospects for the future harvest: the weather is now very unstable, he adds.

Source: Agroinvestor.ru

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